Employment is Possible with a Criminal History – Sealing Records

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A big part of growing up is making bad decisions. All of us have made bad decisions- some of us never got caught and some of us are still paying for a mistake made long ago. This mistake can follow you throughout your life ultimately preventing you from getting a good job. The National Employment Law Project suggests that 1…..

Fingerprinting Nevada’s Nurses

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My Personal Heroes There is a solid argument that Nurses are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. From 12 hour non-stop shifts to remaining clinically current, there isn’t much that a nurse doesn’t do. Providing care and completing paperwork only scratch the surface. Nurses don’t always know what their patients and their families are thinking and what going…..

Benefits of Volunteering

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According to the Corporation and National Community Service, an organization sponsored by the U.S. Congress to measure volunteering in America, the rate of volunteering and civic engagement in Nevada and in the United States has fallen over the past few years from a high in 2003. Nevada’s trends indicate volunteerism dropped significantly in 2004, and gradually increased during the financial…..