Ultimate Guide to Notary Public Services in Nevada

Ultimate Guide to Notary Public Services in NV

Every day, innumerable transactions take place across the country that require a Notary Public. Because these transactions often occur between strangers, many of our society’s most important documents are notarized to add a level of trust and legal backing to the process. A Notary Public, who must be appointed by the state in which they reside, are entrusted with the…..

What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check?

Whats on a criminal background check

We’ve all seen the alarming news stories about workplace violence, financial fraud, sexual misconduct, and other crimes perpetrated by employees against fellow co-workers, employers, clients, and even children. For this reason, employers across several industries related to the handling of financial or personal information and direct care of vulnerable populations, such as in the fields of healthcare, education, and finance,…..