Notary Public Services In Nevada: What the Future Holds

Notary Public Services In Nevada

Notary Public services have always been crucial to government, commerce, and private life. For centuries Notaries Public have been serving as neutral witnesses to some of our country’s most important transactions. Even today, Notaries are highly-regulated and held to a strict standard in order to protect the public from fraud and ensure the fairness and legitimacy of many daily transactions……

Guide To Marijuana Work Cards in Nevada: Agents, Cultivators & Owners

Guide To Marijuana Work Cards In NV Agents Cultivators Owners

The marijuana industry is booming in Nevada, especially now that the transition from medical to recreational marijuana has been made. With high demand, many in the industry are working overtime to build the infrastructure, technology, and workforce to handle the strict regulations that go along with cultivating and selling marijuana, which is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. In this…..