Background Checks for Ride Sharing Services Like Uber and Lyft


What Ride Share Companies Don’t Want You To Know Teachers, real estate agents, security guards, nurses. Every day we come into contact with a number of service providers who we know have been thoroughly vetted for the safety of the public at large. We trust them with our health, our safety, and in many cases our personal information. But do…..

Requirements for Nevada Security Jobs: What You Need to Know About Getting Hired


As one of the largest sectors in the world, the security sector is always in need of qualified, passionate individuals who are dedicated to keeping the people and property they are entrusted with safe. It only makes sense that to work security you will need to meet several requirements, including having a fingerprint-based background check. Read on to learn about…..

The Truth About Licensing Requirements for Insurance Producers: What Consumers Should Know


Obtaining insurance for your car, home, or healthcare is something everyone must do at some point. During this process, we supply insurance producers with our most sensitive information and trust them to use it appropriately. But in this age of identity theft and insurance fraud, how do you know if the person handling your information can be trusted? The fact…..

Employment is Possible with a Criminal History – Sealing Records

Sealing Records - Fingerprinting Express

A big part of growing up is making bad decisions. All of us have made bad decisions- some of us never got caught and some of us are still paying for a mistake made long ago. This mistake can follow you throughout your life ultimately preventing you from getting a good job. The National Employment Law Project suggests that 1…..

9 Background Check Myths You Need To Know

Nine Myths - Fingerprinting Express

9 Background Check Myths You Need To Know By Monica Pappas Chances are you have been or will be fingerprinted at some point in your life. Fingerprinting is not only for criminals. There are several jobs and volunteering opportunities that people may not do if they have disqualifying criminal records. For example, someone with a grand larceny record may not…..

New Regulations in Kentucky to Safeguard Vulnerable Populations

Kentucky - Fingerprinting Express

On Nov. 20, 2015, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed emergency regulations requiring health care providers to obtain national criminal background checks on new employees and other individuals who provide direct one-on-one care to elderly residents or patrons in order to renew the facility’s license to operate in the state. More than 1,300 providers will be required to obtain national criminal…..