Sexual Abuse Cases Involving Children On Rise: Can Background Checks Help?


Last month, the U.S. Youth Soccer Association (along with its California affiliate) settled a lawsuit to the tune of $8.2 million dollars for failing to run background checks on their volunteer coaches—a decision that led to the molestation of a 13-year-old girl by a coach. Had a background check been run, the organization would have known that this coach had a past criminal history, including domestic violence and battery against his spouse, which would have disqualified him from preying on innocent young victims. The American Youth Soccer Organization has also been dealing with multiple lawsuits related to sexual abuse by coaches who haven’t been properly vetted. Sadly, these types of incidents are not isolated to one or two organizations [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Notary Public Services in Nevada


Every day, innumerable transactions take place across the country that require a Notary Public. Because these transactions often occur between strangers, many of our society’s most important documents are notarized to add a level of trust and legal backing to the process. A Notary Public, who must be appointed by the state in which they reside, are entrusted with the important responsibility of verifying the signor, witnessing a signature on an important document and are expected to follow certain ethical and professional standards. Unfortunately, mistakes and even falsifications do occur, leading to headaches and legal woes for the consumers who depended on them. For example, in Nevada, Notary scams are especially problematic for the immigrant community. […]

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What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check?


We’ve all seen the alarming news stories about workplace violence, financial fraud, sexual misconduct, and other crimes perpetrated by employees against fellow co-workers, employers, clients, and even children. For this reason, employers across several industries related to the handling of financial or personal information and direct care of vulnerable populations, such as in the fields of healthcare, education, and finance, require that all employees undergo a criminal background check. If you have been asked by a potential employer to undergo a criminal background check as part of the hiring process, you might be wondering exactly what shows up on a criminal background check? Keep reading to learn about different types of criminal background checks, what information they include, and [...]

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School Background Check Policy Has Some Parents Angry & Others Relieved


It’s hard to believe that summer is flying by so fast, but many schools will be back in session in a couple of weeks! As schools begin a new year, they will be relying on parents, college students, and other community members to help implement programs, assist in the classroom, chaperone field trips, and provide students with the opportunity for more one-on-one attention. An increased community presence in schools can be very beneficial for both students and staff, but it also brings an added element of potential danger. From coast to coast, news reports can be found about school volunteers trafficking in child pornography, engaging in inappropriate relationships with students, and behaving in ways that are detrimental or harmful [...]

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Small Businesses Employee Retention Problems Surge With Low Unemployment Rates


Hiring is on the rise in many parts of the country, and Nevada is no exception. According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation’s May 2018 labor report, Nevada’s job growth is holding at 2.8% and unemployment has gone down to 4.8%, the lowest it has been since 2007. In fact, Nevada has added 37,600 jobs over the year and reclaimed the title of the fastest growing private sector in the U.S.! What does this mean for Nevada employers? For most, it will mean more hiring and more competition to get the best new hires as job seekers have more options to choose from. […]

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Requirements for Obtaining a Traveling Nursing Position in Nevada


Nurses are astonishing and inspiring to many of us. Not only are they expected to provide quality, compassionate care to patients and work in sometimes difficult and demanding situations but they are also held to a very rigorous standard when it comes to keeping up with licensure requirements, continuing education, and more. Working long shifts, on their feet, while caring for strangers makes them heroes in my book. Traveling nurses are no exception. This unique nursing position can be an especially exciting and fulfilling vocation for those who enjoy caring for others and thrive on the variety of working in different environments. Whether you are just exploring the idea of becoming an RN in [...]

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Summer Camps In Nevada: Finding A Safe & Fun Solution


School is out for summer in most Nevada school districts, and this is often the time when parents start looking for a fun summer camp that they can enroll their child in. With so many different options available, it can be challenging to choose the best ones! There are camps in Nevada to nurture any interest, including day camps, overnight camps, STEM camps, music camps, writing camps, nature-based camps, sports camps, faith-based camps, and just about everything in between to enrich your child’s summer experience. But when it comes to screening camp employees and volunteers to ensure the safety of young campers, did you know that background checks aren’t required in Nevada? Different camps have different criteria. For example, [...]

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How to Prepare Yourself for Nevada School District Employment


Working at a school in Nevada can be a very fulfilling career. Few other careers offer individuals an opportunity to so directly impact the future. By helping to shape the minds of young people, you are also contributing to the course of society. Therefore, it is important for educators and other school employees to take their responsibilities seriously, and it is equally important for government agencies to thoroughly vet potential school personnel. The following guide will help you understand the Nevada School District Employment process. […]

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Background Checks for Ride Sharing Services Like Uber and Lyft


What Ride Share Companies Don't Want You To Know Teachers, real estate agents, security guards, nurses. Every day we come into contact with a number of service providers who we know have been thoroughly vetted for the safety of the public at large. We trust them with our health, our safety, and in many cases our personal information. But do you know who’s driving you when you use a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber? You may be shocked to find out that, in most localities, these drivers don’t undergo the same background checking process that taxi drivers undergo, which includes checking a driver’s fingerprints against a national criminal database. Using fingerprint background checks is superior because no [...]

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Requirements for Nevada Security Jobs: What You Need to Know About Getting Hired


As one of the largest sectors in the world, the security sector is always in need of qualified, passionate individuals who are dedicated to keeping the people and property they are entrusted with safe. It only makes sense that to work security you will need to meet several requirements, including having a fingerprint-based background check. Read on to learn about the different types of security jobs in Nevada, what each requires, and why it is important to include background checks as part of the hiring process. […]

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