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FINGERPRINT CARDS  Manual Submission FD258 cards in stock | does not include State and FBI Background Fees
Fingerprint Card $10.00
*Additional Fingerprint Card(s) $8.00
Ink Fingerprint Card $25.00
Volunteer Card $8.00
Immigration two FD 258 Cards  $20.00
DOD/DSS/SWFT  $60.00
Social Workers $20.00
Nevada State Bar Fingerprints $20.00
*At the time of original card printing
Nevada Livescan Electronic Submission | State and FBI background fees are paid separately
Nevada Accountancy Board $35.00
Nevada Massage Board $35.00
Nevada State Osteopathic Board $35.00
Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB) $35.00
Culture To Care™ Non-Profit “V” Account $25.00
Nevada Department Of Education (NDOE) – With Discount $32.00
Nevada Livescan Electronic Submission | Includes State and FBI background fees
Nevada Gaming Control Board $75.00
Nevada Department of Taxation MME Marijuana Agent Card $75.00
Nevada Nursing Board $75.00
Nevada Real Estate Division $75.00
Nevada State Contractor’s Board $75.00
Nevada Automated Background Check System (NABS) $75.00
Nevada Document Preparation (NVSOS) $75.00
Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA) $75.00
Nevada Physical Therapy Board $75.00
Nevada Post-Secondary Education $75.00
Culture To Care™ Livescan Submissions
(Our Culture to Care™ provides discounts to applicable Volunteers only)
Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (Marijuana) Agent Card Fingerprints and photo $85.00
NTA (Nevada Transportation Auth) Bundle: Fingerprints and Photos $85.00
(View personal criminal history, seal records, travel outside U.S. on work or student visa and Adoption) THIS IS FOR PERSONAL – NOT FOR EMPLOYMENT OR LICENSING PURPOSES
View results online within 24 hours and 1 hard copy results mailed 7-10 days $80.00
Hard copy result mailed 2-3 days $94.00
Hard copy result mailed overnight  $120.00
Each additional hard copy FBI Report copy +$9.00 ea
Notary Jurat $15.00
Notary Public Acknowledgement $15.00
Notary Public Acknowledgement & Additional Signature $7.50
Notary Witness $15.00
Notary Certified Copy $7.50
Mobile Notary Appointments Call for Appointment
I-9 Form $40.00
US Passport or License Photos (set of two) $12.00
Passport or License Photos (set of two) VISA International $25.00
Document shredding (1st lb) $5.00
Document shredding (each additional pound after 1st lb) $2.00

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