• Livescan fingerprints- If you have dry hands use lotion *multiple times per day leading up to your visit
  • If you have sweaty or wet hands please be sure to notify your fingerprint technician upon check-in
  • Come with clean hands, if possible. Most background check requirements no longer require ink. Livescan technology allows us to capture your fingerprints without messy ink
  • *If you require ink fingerprints do not use lotion the day of your visit

What you need to bring with you:

  • Valid, Non-Expired Government-Issued Photo Identification
  • Supporting Fingerprint Paper Documents (when applicable) NABS Applicants MUST present NABS forms
  • Any fingerprint card(s) provided to you (if any, if not we have the FD-258 blue and white cards in stock)
  • Livescan Request Form
  • Your Fingers
  • Cash, Credit, Debit Payment and/or Company Voucher

Passport VISA Photos

  • 2×2 US Passport & VISA Photos are printed and given to you the same day
  • You may slightly smile but no teeth may show in the photo
  • You must be facing forward with both eyes open
  • Do not wear headbands or burettes
  • In VISA and Passport Photos, you may not wear earings, glasses, hats or head dressings

Why use Fingerprinting Express?

  • We have printed millions of fingers
  • Our Culture To Care™ means that we care about your experience, your process, and our community
  • We will match any competitor pricing for the same process/service
  • On average a customer is in and out of our office in 5.5 minutes
  • Comfortable waiting lobby
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Mobile Fingerprinting and Mobile Notary Services available by appointment
  • Notary Public is ALWAYS available during open business hours
  • We will Notarize any documents, within the legal guidelines set by the State
  • Guaranteed Services
  • Fast Background Check Results
  • With our extensive training, experience, and insight, we prepare our technicians with all the secrets to capturing the best possible fingerprints.  This is why we have low rejection rates!