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Fingerprinting Express in Reno has Moved Locations [2019-Near Meadowood Mall]


Fingerprinting Express is dedicated to serving our community and protecting our citizens, especially our most vulnerable populations, with highly accurate fingerprint background checks for caregivers, healthcare workers, and other employees across a wide number of industries. Fingerprint Express in Reno is moving! If you are in need of a fingerprint background check, we invite you to stop into our new location. We understand that time is money and focus on providing you with fast service in a clean, welcoming environment. Experience the Fingerprinting Express difference for yourself! […]

Fingerprinting Express in Reno has Moved Locations [2019-Near Meadowood Mall]2020-08-05T12:49:17-07:00

Fingerprinting Express Celebrates 15 Years in Business


During the month of October, Fingerprinting Express is excited to be celebrating fifteen years in business serving Nevada residents and organizations. Here is a look back at how it all began and where we are today. How It All Began In 2002, Becky Rogers went to a local police station to get fingerprinted for her new job. After waiting over two hours to be fingerprinted with one person ahead of her in line, she realized there had to be a better way! After doing some research, Becky learned that in 1998 new laws had ended the one-sided law enforcement agency monopolies on civilian fingerprinting and background checks for non-criminal civilians. […]

Fingerprinting Express Celebrates 15 Years in Business2019-02-19T19:24:23-08:00