Fingerprinting Express guarantees our fingerprints for employment and licensing purposes. We invest in high-resolution, up-to-date technology.  We take our time with every customer to capture the best possible fingerprint images the first time, every time. Our staff is trained and certified by the National Association of Certified Fingerprint Technicians.  We have a few tricks up our sleeve to plump up your fingerprint ridge details to get the best possible fingerprints – the first time.

If you are fingerprinted at any Fingerprinting Express and your fingerprints are rejected all you need to do is bring in the rejection letter along with a copy of your receipt and we will fingerprint you once more at no additional cost!

Fingerprints can wear down for many reasons; and as we age our skin gets thinner, making it difficult to lift the fingerprints on a small part of the population. There are temporary reasons fingerprints are smooth and fingerprints can come back with new layers of skin. If fingerprints are too low of quality to scan against the criminal database. The state and/or FBI may require a separate fingerprint card to be mailed in for an additional scan. Generally, these agencies do not reject fingerprints more than twice (there may be exceptions to this).