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Notary Public Services In Nevada: What the Future Holds

Notary Public services have always been crucial to government, commerce, and private life. For centuries Notaries Public have been serving as neutral witnesses to some of our country’s most important transactions. Even today, Notaries are highly-regulated and held to a strict standard in order to protect the public from fraud and ensure the fairness and legitimacy of many daily transactions. Here is a look at how Notary Public services have changed over time and where the industry is heading. […]

Guide To Marijuana Work Cards in Nevada: Agents, Cultivators & Owners

The marijuana industry is booming in Nevada, especially now that the transition from medical to recreational marijuana has been made. With high demand, many in the industry are working overtime to build the infrastructure, technology, and workforce to handle the strict regulations that go along with cultivating and selling marijuana, which is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. In this highly regulated sector, agents, cultivators, and owners must all apply for Marijuana Work Cards in Nevada in order to work in a marijuana establishment. If you are interested in a career in this industry, or currently have a work card, [...]

Nevada Child Protection and Safety: Shocking Truth about Laws to Protect Our Children

All abuse is intolerable, and it is especially heartbreaking when a child is victimized. Too often we see news stories of abuse, neglect, molestation, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation of kids by adults who were entrusted with their care. This has been happening both on the local and national levels, as amplified by high-profile cases like the U. S. Youth Soccer Association lawsuit. In this and many other instances, abuse could have been prevented had these organizations implemented common-sense screening procedures, including fingerprint background checks. Surely states have guidelines in place along these lines to protect children, right? [...]

Nevada Board of Nursing Licensing Requirements [Ultimate Guide]

At Fingerprinting Express, we feel that nursing is one of the most impactful careers out there. Good nurses help save lives and touch the hearts of patients and their families every day, even while working in the most high-stress, demanding conditions. Because of the importance and nature of the job, nurses must adhere to strict guidelines, stay current on licensure and training, and undergo regular fingerprinting background checks for the safety of the public. Whether you are considering becoming a nurse in Nevada, are an experienced licensed nurse needing to renew a license, or work as a traveling nurse, this [...]

Fingerprinting Express in Reno has Moved Locations [2019-Near Meadowood Mall]

Fingerprinting Express is dedicated to serving our community and protecting our citizens, especially our most vulnerable populations, with highly accurate fingerprint background checks for caregivers, healthcare workers, and other employees across a wide number of industries. Fingerprint Express in Reno is moving! If you are in need of a fingerprint background check, we invite you to stop into our new location. We understand that time is money and focus on providing you with fast service in a clean, welcoming environment. Experience the Fingerprinting Express difference for yourself! […]

Ultimate Guide to Background Check Services for Employers in Nevada

Safety and security weigh heavily on the minds of many employers, especially now that workplace incidents seem to be more commonplace and employees in various fields have been found guilty of preying on the public, including children, the elderly, and other especially vulnerable populations. Incidents like this aren’t just bad PR; they are also heart-breaking to those affected and can even leave a lasting stigma that can threaten the very existence of a company. Many industries such as gaming, security, healthcare, education, and even volunteer organizations are required by the state to have employees undergo background checks. Others are not, [...]

Marijuana Job Markets Blooming: Nevada Cannabis Licensing Requirements

The marijuana job markets are on fire right now and were deemed an essential business during COVID-19.  The steady growth of the Marijuana Industry is expected over the next several years. According to a recent study by RCG Economics, annual marijuana market sales in Nevada are expected to be almost $400,000,000 in 2018, and the industry has already brought in over $55 million in tax revenue. If you are among the many job seekers and entrepreneurs looking to get on board, you need to know the Nevada Cannabis Licensing Requirements. […]

Electronic Fingerprint Background Checks in Nevada: A Growing Security Measure

A home caregiver charged with murder and grand theft in the death of an elderly Indio woman, a Nevada daycare worker abusing a child at the facility, patient abuse in hospitals, sexual abuse in the schools; the list of offenses by employees in a number of industries seems to grow by the day. We all rely on the services of others to one extent or another. Maybe it’s childcare or education for your children, elder care for aging parents, or even healthcare, financial guidance, or other services for yourself. With the increase in violent and exploitative crimes in the news, [...]

Fingerprinting Express Is A Trailblazer in the Industry [13 Key Facts]

When looking for the best fingerprinting places in Nevada, you have a number of options. But not all fingerprint and background check facilities are the same. So how do you find the most reputable vendor who will treat you or your employees with respect, keep your personal information safe, and provide services in a timely, professional manner? Get to know what Fingerprinting Express is all about with these thirteen facts that you probably didn’t know. […]

Fingerprinting Express Celebrates 15 Years in Business

During the month of October, Fingerprinting Express is excited to be celebrating fifteen years in business serving Nevada residents and organizations. Here is a look back at how it all began and where we are today. How It All Began In 2002, Becky Rogers went to a local police station to get fingerprinted for her new job. After waiting over two hours to be fingerprinted with one person ahead of her in line, she realized there had to be a better way! After doing some research, Becky learned that in 1998 new laws had ended the one-sided law enforcement agency [...]