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I had to renew my CDL and needed finger prints for that ridiculous TSA HazMat background check requirement. They have the most modern non-ink finger printing machine available here, and it’s pretty cool. No mess. Pretty interesting how it works. You roll your fingers on the glass, it shows up on the screen, and bingo – a finger print. Then they electronically send the prints to the TSA, who probably do the same to get them to the FBI. Of course, in MY case, the prints somehow got ‘corrupted’ in transit (or so the TSA says – ahem) and I had to go back and have the whole process redone. A time wasting procedure at best. When I STILL didn’t hear anything from the DMV about my background renewal, I called Fingerprint Express to find out what was going on. It was out of their hands and I had to go back to the TSA, who passed the buck on to the FBI. I reminded them that my continued working depended on this background check being completed before Nov 13th. Nevertheless, Fingerprinting Express did their part and with a smile. No problem getting re-printed at no charge.

Tom W.

Very friendly and efficient staff. Two cute little dogs sleeping in the corner.


Even though we arrived at noon, 3rd in line, we were in and out in less than 20 minutes. Superb service. If you bring the proper paperwork, you can get your fingerprints electronically submitted fairly cheap.


I came to Fingerprinting Express to get my fingerprints for the Nevada Nursing Board. My friend who is also a nurse, referred me to this place. The staff was very friendly here, and I was in and out within 15 minutes. I would definitely come back to Fingerprinting Express for other services.

Vicki S.

I needed inkless fingerprints taken and was able to walk in around lunch time. They were busy so I thought it would take a while to be processed but it was really fast. The machines they use are really neat and no messy ink was great!

Mona W.
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