Fingerprinting Express is the industry leader for many reasons; mainly experience and care. We have decades of fingerprinting experience and we really care about our customers. We set the standards high in an industry that isn’t as regulated as you would think.
We protect your personal information and we would never sell or exchange your info for any other purpose than authorized. We will match any competitor pricing. Fingerprinting Express is fast, affordable and is the best in the business. Why go anywhere else?

Fingerprinting Express is the only fingerprint collection brand with multiple locations throughout the State of Nevada. We are recognized specialists — licensed and bonded, certified and insured — to provide you state-of-the-art fingerprinting service. Not only is our digital Livescan technology accepted by regulatory agencies at every level of government, but our services are also actually preferred by many organizations.

Leaders In The Fingerprinting Industry

Fingerprinting Express MascotAs the leader in our field, we have eliminated operator error, smudges and many of the other reasons fingerprints are rejected. We are fast and efficient — most fingerprinting customers are out of our office within 5 to 15 minutes — because your time is valuable. And, we protect your privacy. Our staff does not access the sensitive information on a fingerprint background check report, so you can have peace of mind while we quickly and securely transmit your fingerprints.

At Fingerprinting Express, we understand how important it is to you to complete your fingerprint background check in a timely and professional manner. You need the results for employment or business, education or volunteering, travel or legal reasons. Our customers range from applicants pursuing gaming licenses to healthcare or financial professionals, youth volunteers or foster parents, taxicab drivers or private investigators, school employees or foster parents, people going for state bar examinations or contractor licenses, people seeking to seal court records — and many, many more.

We have built our business to save you time and money!

We recognize how precious your time is, so we have created a one-stop shop for our customers. In addition to state-of-the-art fingerprinting, we offer:

    • Background checks –  For employment and licensing purposes. Level 1 background checks, Level 2 background checks, FBI express background checks — for Visa, Adoptions and Personal purposes. Results are returned within 24 hours, compared to two to 16 weeks.
    • Fingerprints – Both Livescan, ink and inkless fingerprinting even on traditional hard-card (FD-258 in stock) fingerprinting.
    • Photographs for identification — including for passports, travel visas, immigration cards, concealed-weapon permits, massage licenses, beauty licenses, security guards, private investigators, and company employees.
    • Notary public
    • Secure document shredding
    • Photocopy and fax services

  • Printing fingerprint cards