background check services by fingerprinting express NV
Losing good talent because background checks are taking 2-3 weeks? We help employers retain talent by shortening the vetting timeline to 24-72 hours.

Get criminal background check results delivered in the fastest possible way to employers, hiring agencies and human resource professionals, without compromising the integrity of the criminal history report. This is not a public database search. Public records searches are not as accurate as the reporting offered by Fingerprinting Express.

The exclusive criminal background check system Fingerprinting Express uses connections not available to the general public and private companies.

Fingerprinting Express is the ONLY fingerprinting company offering this expedited criminal background check opportunity.

Trusted, Efficient, & Secure

With company history stretching back to 2003, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of people gain employment quickly with our fast criminal history reports.

We cut out the middle man that is running to the court houses for the same reports, saving you time and money. This automated system for Express Background Checks, allows for fast criminal history reports in hours, rather than weeks, so that business owners and human resource professionals can make the best decision in the hiring process.

Security of personal information is our specialty. We go above regulated guidelines to protect the integrity of our business. With Fingerprinting Express, there is no room for hacking or data loss. We take every measure available to ensure the safety of the information being exchanged.

This Fingerprinting Express Background Check is used as a basis of inquiry the applicant’s name, date of birth and other numeric identifiers. Recommended for use if your company does not qualify for fingerprint background checks. Fingerprint background checks are superior due to the biometric data accuracy, however, there has to be a state law for your company to qualify to receive Livescan Fingerprint Criminal History Results. The Express Background Check is the best alternative to a fingerprint background check.

We strive to have the highest satisfaction ratings in our industry and we have established the reputation as a company that provides the best services in a timely manner.

This program is available to only those users that will directly employ the person about whom they are performing the Civil Name Check and to third party agencies that provide background services to the employer. This system is not for use by landlords or personal use.

Didn’t get a job because something is showing on your record? Want to see the FBI Criminal History Report your employer sees? Consider receiving your own FBI Express Criminal History Report

Time is money. With technology available today, we should not have to wait weeks for a background check when hiring staff.

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