We are fingerprinting experts, so you don't have to be. Trusted since 2003

Fingerprinting Express offers the best available fingerprinting technology and techniques! Our process is aimed at saving you time and headache…

To best serve our customers, we have evolved into a one-stop shop offering a full slate of services typically needed by people seeking fingerprint-background checks. This saves our customers the time and inconvenience of having to go to three or four (or more) locations to complete the process for background checks and other required services for employment, licensure or other reasons.

For example, a customer needing to submit fingerprints to a governmental agency may also need a notary public, photocopying, faxing, and photography for an ID card.

All these services — and more — are provided by Fingerprinting Express:

  • Fingerprints — both Livescan, ink and inkless fingerprinting even on traditional hard-card (FD-258 in stock) fingerprinting.
  • Drug tests — five-panel and 12-panel urine drug testing. Drug Testing is ONLY available at the Reno Store.
  • Color and black-and-white ID photos — meeting the requirements for passports, immigration documents, and a variety of employment and licensing needs.
  • Livescan Fingerprint Background Checks – for employment and licensing purposes. FBI express background checks — for Visa, Adoptions and Personal purposes. Results are returned within 24 hours, compared to two to 16 weeks.
  • Notary public — a Notary Public is available during open business hours, and can notarize any documents allowed by state law.
  • Photocopying, print and faxing — these services are offered because of their frequent need by our customers. Print pages you email to us or receive a fax. Scanning and emailing of documents or photos are also available.
  • Secure shredding — this provides customers the comfort knowing their information is properly destroyed. Fingerprinting Express is a shred-all facility.
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