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Notary Public Services In Nevada: What the Future Holds


Notary Public services have always been crucial to government, commerce, and private life. For centuries Notaries Public have been serving as neutral witnesses to some of our country’s most important transactions. Even today, Notaries are highly-regulated and held to a strict standard in order to protect the public from fraud and ensure the fairness and legitimacy of many daily transactions. Here is a look at how Notary Public services have changed over time and where the industry is heading. […]

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Ultimate Guide to Notary Public Services in Nevada


Every day, innumerable transactions take place across the country that require a Notary Public. Because these transactions often occur between strangers, many of our society’s most important documents are notarized to add a level of trust and legal backing to the process. A Notary Public, who must be appointed by the state in which they reside, are entrusted with the important responsibility of verifying the signor, witnessing a signature on an important document and are expected to follow certain ethical and professional standards. Unfortunately, mistakes and even falsifications do occur, leading to headaches and legal woes for the consumers who depended on them. For example, in Nevada, Notary scams are especially problematic for the immigrant community. […]

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