Comfortable, easy to find retail store: Our goal is to make an awkward fingerprinting process comfortable. From the time the customer walks in, they are greeted with a smile, to the time they are being fingerprinted we make sure they are relaxed and have the best possible experience. We have a touchscreen TV, in the comfortable waiting lobby, of games to occupy kids young and old. Special store design and layout with security zones, key controlled access points, with the most vigilant policies on protecting personal information.

Above and beyond service: We pride ourselves on being experts in the industry. We assist new business owners with determining the services they are required to obtain on themselves and their applicants. Most professionals and applicants do not understand the process. We will take the time with every customer to make sure they understand their requirements to be compliant with state and federal laws. FE uses 5-star hospitality customer service. Our staff is trained on not saying “NO”. Instead, we will offer solutions or option to clients and take the time to educate. Helping employers receive civil accounts, accounts receivable, discounting volunteers and teachers. Giving back to the community through sponsorships, being a drop off location for community collections, having mobile ability.

Convenience: Convenient one-stop shopping. We offer multiple services required by state licensing boards. Example: The P.I.L.B. requires fingerprints and a photo for their licensing applicants. Nevada Massage Board requires the application to be notarized, a photo for the license and a fingerprint background check- all of these services can be fulfilled at Fingerprinting Express!

Culture To Care™: We care about our community by discounting fees for nonprofits, teachers, and volunteers. We pass the savings of the lesser background check fee and we hope to encourage more people to volunteer their time. We care about our process and protecting personal information. We care about getting applicants to work faster by verifying every record has successfully reached the State and/or FBI, as to not delay any license or job. We are advocates for children, disabled and seniors protecting the most vulnerable in our society through background checks.

Efficiency: Chosen by State agencies to Beta Test new programs before rolling out. Helping State agencies develop implementation processes for new or existing programs to better collect fees. We conform to all policies and procedures in line with law enforcement processes. Guarantee of our fingerprinting with free reprints. FE uses an online appointment booking system while also allowing walk-ins. Constantly developing new technology to better improve service. Investing in the highest rated livescan equipment every 4-5 years.