Experian, one of the big three credit reporting agencies released results from a survey in January 2016, showing that more than 60% of adults in the UK believe biometric identification, including fingerprints, are just as secure as or even more secure than passwords.
Fear of identity theft is the driving factor behind this trend, the survey revealed, and more than 40% of respondents felt fingerprint scanning was the most reliable form of alternative identity.
Experian managing director Ian Cunningham said passwords are not a thing of the past, however. He says the best way to secure your identity is by using multiple factors for identification, including biometrics combined with passwords in order to deter criminals from accessing your personal information.

We full heartedly support fingerprinting as a means of securing your identity. With the emphasis being placed on protecting your identity from cyber theft, fingerprint scanning and other forms of biometric identification can protect everything from your online banking to your social media and email accounts.

Fingerprints are unique to you and you alone. Formed in the womb at four months gestation, the ridges in your fingerprints stay the same. Even as you grow, while the space between ridges increases, the relationship of the ridges remains the same.

Developed by Sir Francis Galton more than 100 years ago, a cousin of Charles Darwin, fingerprint identification is the most common form of biometric identification. In 1969 the FBI began looking for ways to automate their fingerprint collection process, which led to the development of today’s electronic fingerprint collection and storage processes.

At Fingerprinting Express, our FBI Express background checks are returned in 24 hours and include comprehensive criminal background screening. Because your safety and the safety of our most vulnerable populations – children, the elderly and others who require special care – is our utmost concern, we provide pre-employment fingerprint background checks and FBI criminal background checks for people who work and volunteer with vulnerable populations.
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