Getting fingerprinted for a job may seem like a unique, but mostly inconvenient, task that will leave you wondering where you can quickly get it completed. Fingerprinting Express not only has three easy locations, but we have all the answers to your questions as well.

There are multiple reasons people are required to complete a fingerprint background check for employment in the gaming industry, but they all circle back to state and federal law. Gaming is one of Nevada’s most dominant, thriving industries, and many different job duties in gaming require fingerprints. We fingerprint everyone from Cage Cashiers to Bartenders and Nightclub Staff, Security, Dealers, Slot Floor Persons, Surveillance and Casino Executives, as all of these positions play a vital role in security and operations of these resorts and casinos. Manufacturers and Distributors of gaming must also get their fingerprints completed.

Fingerprints are scanned for criminal history, and there are certain crimes that would disqualify an applicant from obtaining a job in gaming. A criminal history that is clean and clear will get you through the application process report smoothly. But even if you have a criminal record, it doesn’t automatically disqualify you from working in gaming. Remember to be accurate and truthful on any gaming application. You must provide the dates and details of what happened if you were arrested, even if charges were dropped or dismissed. If you are not sure of the details of these events, you can get your own criminal history report to coordinate with your application. Criminal history reports are yet another convenient service provided by Fingerprinting Express, and the fastest way to receive yours is through our FBI Express System. This system allows you to view your report online within just 24 hours or less!

Fingerprinting Express is not limited to strictly fingerprinting for the Nevada Gaming Control Board; we also provide fingerprints for other states that require a fingerprint background check for a Gaming License. Fingerprinting Express can also Notarize any gaming documents and supply the photos for staff to submit for a U.S. Gaming License.

Owners of casinos and those seeking a key-man license must also pass a fingerprint background check and have a Notary Public witness their application signatures. This license is considered to be a privilege and the application process can be time-consuming, however, remember that anything challenging in life is also incredibly rewarding. And bonus! ALL of this can be done at one place: Fingerprinting Express.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board requires applicants to complete the online application and pay the license fee before being fingerprinted. Once this online application is complete, an email is sent to the applicant with an attachment form for fingerprinting. If you are not able to print that form, you may email it to us, we will print it for a nominal fee. And just so you’re aware, gaming employees must complete fingerprint renewals every five years, per the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

The staff at Fingerprinting Express are fingerprinting experts – so you don’t have to be! Leave it to us. We have fingerprinted for the Nevada Gaming Control Board since 2003, and always have a Notary Public on staff. If you absolutely can’t get to our location, we can even provide mobile fingerprinting on site, an especially helpful service for those in a rush. Please contact us with any questions and let us know how Fingerprinting Express can help you on your path to success!