Fingerprinting Express is proud to partner with an FBI-approved channeler to provide DSS SWFT fingerprints in Nevada. As an approved third-party vendor, we are able to work with cleared-companies listed in the Industrial Security Facilities Database to help them stay in compliance with the Fingerprinting Program for Defense Security Services (DSS) Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) requirements.

We save employers the time, cost, and hassle of in-house electronic fingerprinting by capturing applicant fingerprints electronically using our Livescan equipment, saving the files in the specified digital format to meet FBI, SWFT, and OPM standards, and securely transmitting those files to the appropriate cleared-company for submission to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and FBI via the Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) Program.

Results are often posted within days after fingerprints are submitted.

Why Livescan?

Livescan is the industry standard in fingerprinting and is trusted by government and law enforcement agencies due to its inkless, high-resolution imaging which results in superior accuracy. Because Livescan fingerprints are captured via digital image, Livescan eliminates rejections and operator errors and can produce results much more quickly than standard fingerprinting. Livescan fingerprinting electronically allows submission of the fingerprints through a secure internet portal, expediting the background check process.

Our Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) Services

We offer the following services in compliance with the DSS SWFT Program:

  • Livescan digital fingerprinting and file transmission to a cleared-company
  • Service provider for fingerprint collection and submission to SWFT
  • Fingerprint technicians that are trained with techniques to capture the best possible fingerprints
  • Safe and secure processes to protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Convenient mobile Livescan fingerprinting for groups


As a partner with an FBI-approved channeler, we work with Nevada employers who are cleared-companies to stay in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Security Services via SWFT. By partnering with Fingerprinting Express, you can avoid the excessive costs of purchasing and maintaining Livescan equipment while enjoying the convenience of our fast, secure electronic fingerprinting collection and transmission. Please give us a call at 800-919-0227 to find out what is needed to partner with us.

What to Bring

If your employer has requested that you have DSS SWFT fingerprinting done, you can stop in any time or schedule an appointment to do so. You will need to bring the following:

  • Employer authorization form
  • Two valid forms of identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, military ID, or other government issued ID)

We will electronically collect and send your fingerprints. If you have any questions about the process or what to bring, please contact us.

Schedule an appointment or walk in at any of our four convenient Nevada locations to have your DSS SWFT fingerprinting done today!