Thinking about a career in driving? Nevada limousine driver, taxi cab driver and tow truck drivers fall under the NTA umbrella, you will need to undergo a fingerprint background check as a part of the application or renewal process. Fingerprinting Express helps drivers complete the Nevada Transportation Authority fingerprinting requirements so they can get to work more quickly.

To Get Your NTA Driving License:
STEP ONE: Get a referral application from the NTA
STEP TWO: Take an electronic test
STEP THREE: Upon passing pay the fees
STEP FOUR: Complete and turn in the permit application
STEP FIVE: Get fingerprints & Photo by an approved Livescan vendor
STEP SIX: Turn in your Livescan Fingerprint Form and Photo to NTA

Please note that you must turn into the NTA a complete copy of the initial application to receive your Livescan fingerprint form to get fingerprinted. We cannot fingerprint you if you miss this step.

For details on the process of getting a driver permit through the Nevada Taxicab Authority, click here. Other drivers and carriers, find information regarding your specific requirements by going to the Nevada Transportation Authority website.

NTA Fingerprinting and Photo Services

Fingerprinting Express can help you get on the road faster. We are an approved fingerprint vendor for all Nevada boards and divisions. We have four clean, modern facilities in Carson City, Reno, and Las Vegas where you can have your Livescan or hard copy NTA fingerprints taken. We can also make copies of your driver’s license and take the passport photo for your application if it is required. If you have any questions about the fingerprinting process, feel free to give us a call at 800-919-0227.