3 Things to Know About Foster Care and the Adoption Process In Nevada


Finding the best transformative way to expand your family is not as easy as an internet search. While being a Foster Parent varies from Adopting, there are programs that allow families to Foster-to-Adopt.   Either process may slightly vary depending on the county you reside in Nevada. Clark County Nevada has Foster Care Information Sessions a few times per month and…..

How to Become a Volunteer in the State of Nevada


People who volunteer in Nevada understand the importance of their job. The primary motivations for volunteering may be one’s values or community concern. Other reasons are personal development, learning about cultures, and boosting one’s esteem. Unfortunately, many don’t know the process of volunteering in the state. It’s not as simple as showing up and starting the job. There are extra…..

Understanding the Naturalization Immigration Process (And How Fingerprints are Involved)

Understanding the Naturalization Immigration process

People have been immigrating to America for centuries and for many reasons. The Pilgrims in the early 1600s sought religious freedom and hundreds of thousands of African slaves came against their will. Many people have come for a better life and economic opportunities. The process whereby a foreign citizen or national can become a U.S. citizen now is called “naturalization.” Before engaging…..

What Do Your Fingerprints Say About Your Personality?

fingerprints and personality

Do you ever wonder if your fingerprints mean something? Is there a deeper purpose than biometric identification?   Similar to palm readings, I discovered possible links between fingerprint patterns and behavior patterns.

Critical Child Safety Tips for Parents [Including Cyber Security]


Keeping our youth safe these days is not as easy today as it was 50 years ago.  With the development of technology and culture, it can be challenging on parents and guardians to keep track of our little ones. Here are critical child safety tips for parents that will help you navigate these conversations with the youth in your life.

11 Steps To Getting A Real Estate License In Nevada

Real Estate License in Nevada

The emotions we have when ditching a dead end job for a new career roller-coaster between I got this and what am I doing?  As with any big life change it is important to do your research before investing any money.  Getting your Real Estate license in Nevada is a process that many have successfully done before you. Investing in…..

Straight Dope – Nevada Marijuana Industry Licensing

Marijuna Industry - Fingerprinting Express

It is interesting to think that a few short years ago prohibition on Marijuana had a strong hold on the Silver State. Today anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase marijuana in Nevada. You can’t consume it in public but you can consume marijuana at a private residence. It is still illegal to drive under the influence or…..

Home Healthcare vs Home Care. What’s The Difference?

Healthcare vs Home Care - Fingerprinting Express

When you or a loved one needs Long Term Care it is most important to find the right place with the right people. From in-home to large facilities, doing the research is vital because finding the right fit can be a matter of quality of life or the latter. In-home care is usually a preferred option if it is possible……

Gaming Application Requirements Made Easy

Gaming - Fingerprinting Express

Getting fingerprinted for a job may seem like a unique, but mostly inconvenient, task that will leave you wondering where you can quickly get it completed. Fingerprinting Express not only has three easy locations, but we have all the answers to your questions as well. There are multiple reasons people are required to complete a fingerprint background check for employment…..

Fingerprinting Nevada’s Nurses

Nevada's Nurses - Fingerprinting Express

My Personal Heroes There is a solid argument that Nurses are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. From 12 hour non-stop shifts to remaining clinically current, there isn’t much that a nurse doesn’t do. Providing care and completing paperwork only scratch the surface. Nurses don’t always know what their patients and their families are thinking and what going…..