Benefits of Volunteering

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According to the Corporation and National Community Service, an organization sponsored by the U.S. Congress to measure volunteering in America, the rate of volunteering and civic engagement in Nevada and in the United States has fallen over the past few years from a high in 2003. Nevada’s trends indicate volunteerism dropped significantly in 2004, and gradually increased during the financial…..

How is Fingerprinting Express Different?

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Comfortable, easy to find retail store: Our goal is to make an awkward fingerprinting process comfortable. From the time the customer walks in, they are greeted with a smile, to the time they are being fingerprinted we make sure they are relaxed and have the best possible experience. We have a touchscreen TV, in the comfortable waiting lobby, of games…..

Fingerprints With Passwords To Secure Your Identity

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Experian, one of the big three credit reporting agencies released results from a survey in January 2016, showing that more than 60% of adults in the UK believe biometric identification, including fingerprints, are just as secure as or even more secure than passwords. Fear of identity theft is the driving factor behind this trend, the survey revealed, and more than…..